Ultimately, our mission is to provide the Word of God to God's people and Christian missionaries. Along side the English word, we intend to provide missionaries with tools useful for translating God's word and reaching into cultures around the world. The history of this ministry has so far rested mostly on the shoulders of one man: Kevin Wonus. Kevin grabbed hold of a vision in the late 1980's and early 1990's to provide lay Christians with free bible search and publications tools to assist in ministries of the local church in America. In the early days of his work, pastors would typically squint their eyes and make polite gestures, but most never really embraced how software in the local church might actually be a ministry. Without church sponsorship the progress was slow. Yet Kevin was often encouraged by letters from missionaries in the foreign field and also American Christians who valued the "AV Bible" software program. Over the years, Kevin became consumed with providing the most accurate digital AV text available. Hundreds, if not thousands, of hours were spent collating differing electronic texts and comparing it to his hard-copy "Bearing Precious Seed" King James Bible as the mediator between discrepancies among the publicly available electronic texts. In 2008, he re-published the texts themselves as a separate freely available work which others could incorporate into other bible-related software. The initial public release on ReceivedText.com had several typos which took a couple of years to identity and correct. In 2011, the 400th anniversary of the original printing of the Authorized Version, Kevin finished his AV 2011 digital "plates". Again, these plates are for use in Bible software freely.

Since these digital plates were released in 2011, the name of our ministry is "AV 2011 Ministries". This ministry is in an early formation stage. My goal is to identify partners in ministry. Specifically, I'd like to receive endorsements which I can publish on my web-site and printed promotional material. And I welcome your prayers. I am not asking for financial support at this time. I have a bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Computational Mathematics. I am seriously contemplating pursuing a Masters degree in Computational Linguistics. Upon completion of that degree, I hope to turn my life over to full-time ministry. Beyond my educational aspirations, I have a short-term and an extended-term goal for this ministry. First, I'd like to champion an effort to modernize the spelling of the Authorized Version of 1611. We can call this either AV 20xx (where xx is our year of completion) or we could call it the Updated Authorized Version (UAV) or perhaps the Received Text. While I won't trivialize the importance of a name, I will say, "a rose by any other name is still a rose". Second: while performing this spelling modernization effort, I'd like to capture what professional linguists call "Translation Memory". By capturing words and phrases which are repeated two or more times in the English text, this information can be useful when the English text is used as a basis for translating into new tongues. This will be used as a basis of creating a "translators workbench" for use on the mission fields by missionaries, linguists, and translators.

I appreciate all those who would pray for this ministry and for me. And I also welcome all correspondence. Please do not hesitate to contact me regardless of your role in your church. Of course, contacts from pastors and mission boards is especially welcomed.